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Providing professional services around the world to people who wish to immigrate to Canada.

According to the United Nations reports Canada has one of the highest standards of living in the world and people of all faiths, nationalities and races have found their home in Canada.

We welcome all those who are interested in coming to Canada and starting their new life here. In this site you will find the materials that will assist you to asses your chances of coming to Canada as new immigrants, as well as information about the life in this country.

The Canadian Immigration Law Firm of Lorne Lichtenstein and Associates is a licensed and insured Canadian immigration law firm fully authorized to practice law in Canada. We are dedicated to our clients and proud of our track record. We provide the highest quality of legal services for our clients and act at all times with the utmost good faith and integrity. The expert lawyers and professional staff serve clients honestly, conscientiously and confidentially. Our greatest concern is for the satisfaction and well-being of our clients. This is not only a promise; it is a commitment.

We provide the best service for our clients. We have the highest standards, expert lawyers and professional staff. We provide free confidential assessments, fast and friendly service and we work quickly and effectively. We handle many types of visas and other immigration matters. We prepare professional applications and represent our clients fully and responsibly. We can help you every step of the way and open the doors to Canada.

The highly experienced staff of our firm will gladly answer your questions and will assist you in achieving your goal of moving to Canada.Our immigration law firm has existed for more than ten years and during these years it has helped hundreds of families to move to Canada. Members of our firm are fluent in English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew and other languages.

Our firm is experienced in assisting potential immigrants in all Canadian immigration programs. Members of our firm have been travelling all over the world, meeting the clients in their native countries, providing the opportunity tothe potential clients to meet the lawyers of our firm personally.

Our principal, Mr. Lorne Lichtenstein, Barrister & Solicitor, personally travels abroad several times a year to interview potential clients and to assist our existing clientele in their preparation for the interviews at the Canadian consulates.

The lawyer often travels to Europe and Israel to meet the clients. To make an appointment for a free consultation, please contact our office.

Should you require an interview with Mr. Lichtenstein, kindly complete a
Preliminary Questionnaire and provide your contact information in the Additional Comments Section at the end of the Questionnaire.

Free Consultation (Questionnaire): Lorne Lichtenstein's online Questionnaire is designed to enable the firm to assess your qualifications for Immigration to Canada, at no charge to you, usually within twenty-four hours of the time that your Questionnaire is received. If Lorne Lichtenstein and Associates determines that it can assist you to immigrate to Canada, a member of the firm will provide you with a detailed breakdown of Lorne Lichtenstein's fees and services, via email.

Other Language Versions: The information contained in this site is also available in Russian.

Canadian Immigration Law Firm of Lorne Lichtenstein

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